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Wife Poems
My Rose My Wife


This Rose it shows the beauty of life

It's silky look is soft like my wife

Her beauty glistens like the stars in the sky

My love for her, you need not ask why.


We've been together for such a long time

But I've done wrong and must walk the line

The hurt we've seen has been hard to endure

I can only hope, someday it will be cured.

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I really wish I could be close to her skin

To continue to love her, should not be a sin

I can only dream of making love with her

At night I don't sleep I toss and stir.


But the lord will answer that prayer for me

Tha rose with its beauty for me to see

My love for her will ride high in the sky

My Wife, My Rose, 'Ask Not Why'.

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By Jim Sinsabaugh


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