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Sweet Lady So Elegant


Oh, sweet lady, so elegant!
The whole world is irrelevant
When, in passion, I feast my eyes upon thee

The whole earth could be wrought asunder
Let the oceans drag the continents under!
For when I'm with thee, none else matters to me

Lest the stars fall from the heavens
Oceans become fire, or six becomes seven
I shall be by thy side, whenever thy need

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There is nothing upon this earth
No incantation, nor witches curse
That could keep me from coming to thee

And to protect thee, I'd fight a lion
Defy a king, or climb mount zion
I'd battle the blackest knight, with all my might
To win thy favor

And for thy touch, I would rope the winds
To fulfill thy needs, I know no ends
Just say the word, it will be heard
I will not waiver

Oh, sweet lady, so elegant!
I hope these words have been relevant
Though thou might even, find it hard believing
Such lofty boast

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Yet the very angels know it's true
That I'm infatuated, through and through!
So this poem I have summoned
For thou art the woman

That I adore most

By Starry Knight


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