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Sweet Love Poems
Love and The Three Wheeled Bicycle


In your most abstract
and subtle way

You come for me
On your three wheeled bicycle


You have built for me a tandem side car

My darling, I have for us prepared a lavish picnic
As we stroll down destiny's
winding country road
Towards a hollow, deep and thick

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I scatter ecru lace table cloth on
Long and lush blue green grass

A fine and satisfying picnic
Had we

And as you tidily and carefully
Place the dishes back into the basket
You tease me with the lace
And I see it is a game

We lie upon lace table cloth
At billowy, marshmallow clouds we gaze

I pluck resistant periwinkle
As shyly they hide their tiny heads
In thickened blades of grass

A necklace you lovingly fashion for me
And place tenderly 'round my neck

Our worries of care and fate
Evaporate into the grass
Into the creamy clouds
And each other

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As you, with lips
And fingers
Trace the translucence
Of silkened
Lavendar chiffon

We wonder, once again
Why our love is beckoned


By DoveTail


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