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Short Poems About Love
A Thing About Love


Love is such a little word
Some people never find it
It could be in front of you
or walking behind in your
lonesome shadow-dance

Hearts fall broken from such
a small word; always seeking
her utopia of blue magic waters
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe someday
Maybe never

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Ah sweet night ...
how you hold my heart
in your balance
Turning eyes to tears
with a flick of your imagination
People live for love..
die for love..
yet it's not for everyone

No... some may never know
her radiance, her wonder,
her glory
Yours is to only wonder why..
Why time evades your spirit;
your very soul
and leaves you in the coldest dream
of what shall never be

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It's a lonely road to travel..
but some must do it alone...
for love is not for everyone..
much like a rolling stone..

Will it ever come home?

By Bubby


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