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Short Love Poems For Him
I Send Him My Love


I cannot help the verses I pen

From reading the words of Little Lamb.

She opened my heart to pain and love

Said follow my heart to all that I am.


Go for your dreams as the angels say.

They are in your heart, and soul and mind.

The sadness I feel in my heart this day

for the man whose touch I can't leave behind.

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Children are involved and a husband too;

things he can't bring himself to bear.

His noble heart is filled with honor.

I wish he could open it and find comfort there.


My love for him won't seem to subside.

Only God knows how hard I've tried.

To this man I have never lied

and only wish to be at his side.

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I send him my love and hope he feels it.

I try every day to absolve my desire.

It catches up with me and takes me over

as I chase the flames trying to put out the fire.


By Daring Diana


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