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Poems For Your Girlfriend
My Love


With you, my love, is where I wanna be,

your eyes, your voice, your love means so much to me.

Love is so precious, love is so dear,

as long as I have you, I will not shed a tear.


Without you, there would be no point to life,

one day, I hope to make you my wife.

only you have the key to my heart,

a key, I hope you never depart.

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It seems like our love grows stronger each day,

even though we are apart, my love is here to stay.

I feel like I've found my one true love,

I hear God calling me from up above.


Telling me you are the one for me,

how you and I are meant to be.

And everyone says we are to young for that kind of thing,

but the way I feel about you, one day I hope you will wear my ring.

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I used to lay in my bed, and pray at night,

that one day I would find a girl, that treats me just right.

We sometimes sit up all night talking on the phone

and now I realize I no longer have to be alone.


By Xpretty scarsX


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