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Poems For Your Boyfriend
My Perfect Boyfriend


I love your blue eyes

And your soft brown hair

I love the way you hold me

When life isn't fair

I love how you were there for me

The second Fred left

I love how you support me

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Even if I wanna be a chef

I love how you held me

The nights Fred didn't come

And I love how you're still here

After I left that bum

Thanx Danny

For being there for me

For taking me away

And setting me free

For never getting me introuble

And fighting my off Ex

For holding my hand and

Kissing my cheek when we lie in bed

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I love you for

Wiping away my tears

And for making me forget

All my fears

Thanx for sweeping up the peices

After I fell apart

Thanx for saving me after Fred

And winning my heart


By Bliss


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