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Poems For Wife
My Life, My Wife


You bring the sunshine into my life,

In my heart you always are my wonderful wife.


My love for you grows as time goes by,

I never wonder because I have no reason why.


I said the vow with my heart so free,

And I knew then that you were the one for me.

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You give me so much and make me feel so great,

My feelings for you today are like a first date.


We may change in physique as age greets us,

And yet we go on together without much fuss.


God put us together

He knew what He was thinking about,

His plan for us included some storms

We weathered without doubt.

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He gave us the two most wonderful daughters,

Who are our great pride,

He placed us together

Together in this marriage we both will ride.


By Donald L. Heili


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