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Poems For The One You Love
These Feelings For Her


Why do I feel so confused
Can't I be left in peace
Just to suffer in silence

Must my emotions
Always be my downfall
Will it always be like this
Never quite knowing
What direction I am heading

Still trying to figure out
Just what to do
Is this the way it will always be
The pain and anguish within me
Dragging down my heart
Turning my soul inside out
Hoping just to remain alone

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Everytime I see her
It is always the same
My heart starts to pound
And my fear rises

Words just stick in my thoat
I'm scared again
Scared of my feelings for her
And scared of being hurt all over again
What can I do to stop these feelings
I wish I could just stop caring

My heart is scarred forever
Never to heal
And still I continue to love her
Yet still she has no idea
Of how much she has hurt me
Or just what she means to me

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So for now I will hide myself
And these damaged emotions
Far from sight.

By Lone Wolf


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