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Poems For Loved Ones
My Girlfriend Was Buried Today


My girlfriend was buried today

She died all over again,

It was like a dream

And I was the sin,


She died of a over-dose

And she was carrying our child,

She always had to go out to those parties

And act a little wild,

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I guess I wasn't strong enough

You know, I had problems of my own,

But still, I should of done something more

I should of known...


I love her so much, I loved her so much

I feel like I want to die, like I want to get high,

But I hope she is following me, like an angel

So I don't take her route, and die,

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I buried my girlfriend today

And sweatheart I will mourn for you,

I wish I could of done something better

But I guess I was never really true.


By David Garrett Arnold


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