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Poems For Love
Battle for Love


When I give my heart away,

You know that its forever

As I give my love,

I give my world to you

And as our love unfolds for us,

We'll watch them bloom together

Every moment we shall see the world anew

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Who can say why love has brought us here

Who can say where love will lead?

It's enough to know that love will show us the way.

And the vow we take to love,

in both our fullness and our needs

Will be ever lasting as it is today


So here we stand together,

and here we make a stand.

To offer love into battle,

to all we will make a stand together

If living is for loving than this love will be true

Than I dedicate myself to loving you

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As love roots out the obstacles,

and brings them up to see

We shall offer them truth and let them go

Like a forgotten song remembered with words and melody

Love arises from within to bring us home.


By Tammy Dean


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