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Poems For Husband
My Bald Husband


Thin and sparse was his hair,

But now it isn't even there!

He wanted me to shave his head,

He looks like Jesse Ventura now, it's said!

At first I thought it was really weird,

But then he grew a mustache and beard.

I admit it, I really must,

It took me some time to adjust.

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Now his new look appeals to me,

I love the way it feels to me!

I stroke his head that is now bare,

And run my fingers through his facial hair.

He gives me a look that says go away!

But I tell him, 'No, I want to play!

And if you lay your head on my chest,

It almost looks like I have another breast'.

He tells me I am onery and a disgrace,

As he tries to keep a smile from his face.

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He turns his head to hide the grin,

But I know that I have him then.

Then when we got to bed,

I say 'I love you, Baldy head.'


By Sassy


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