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Lovers Poems
Lovers Journey


The blue ocean waves hello

As the ship still has far to go

Hoist up the sail to catch the wind

Journey forward until the oceans end

On deck two lovers play around

In search of paradise they are bound

Catching the rays of the evening sun

Together they seem to be having fun

Waves tossing the ship to and fro

A lovers holiday they hope to know

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Sailing away to find their dreams

On a lovers journey this trip seems

Nights on board underneath the moon

Dancing romantically to the oceans swoon

Blue ocean waves a lovers song

As this journey continues so long

Looking for the perfect paradise

A place where their life will be so nice

Sailing on over the waters crystal clear

Sounds of love they both can hear

For they look for paradise without a sign

In their hearts they already have paradise divine

A lovers journey that may last forever more

Until their eyes see what they never did before

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Paradise is with them no matter where they go

Into their hearts with love it seems to grow

A lovers journey with hopes of eternity to share

Not seeing that its always already there


By Wanda Christian Stirewalt


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