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Love Poems For Your Girlfriend


As I dream
I see an Angel,
Far away then closer and closer,
'Til before me
Is a beauty
Unlike any I have ever seen.

I look into her eyes,
Deep into her soul.
I see the kindest
Most caring
Loving heart.

As I dream
I see my true love.
Being with her
Able to touch her,

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There to give her hugs when she does something spectacular.
There to hold her when she cries,
There to share my deepest feelings with her,
Knowing our love will be everlasting.

With tears running down my face
I give her soft lips a kiss to cherish in my heart.
With that kiss I awoke,
Only to realize I am living that dream.

I reach over and give my sleeping princess a kiss,
Softly holding her close to me while falling back to sleep,
Feeling complete with the love of my life by my side.

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Dreams must be heaven
For you are my personal angel
And my heart is yours forever.

By Xpretty scarsX


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