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Love Poems For Your Boyfriend
My Boyfriend


You help me face my fears
You are always there to
Wipe away my tears

They say love is blind
But my heart will stay forever kind

You are always there by my side
Filling my heart with joy and pride

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When all I saw was rain
You brought my sun and dried up my pain

I live life to love you everyday
I pray you'll never break my heart and go away

I never knew I could love this way
Your sunshine brightens my everyday

You're my best friend the love of my life
Maybe one day you'll make me your wife

I wish I could be with you all the time
Deep down I know you'll always be mine

I just though I'd write and say
How your love lets me live everyday

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(My boyfriend made me fill all these things
and I'll always love him for it.)

By Ashleigh Ann


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