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Love Poems For The One You Love
Prayer for the One I Love


Send this prayer to the one I love,

Let him know he is the only one I think of.

I love him so much, he'll never know,

I ask you, God, to watch him wherever he may go.

Bless all of his friends and anyone he may meet,

Take care of him always for being so sweet.

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Watch over his kind and loving heart,

Let him know we shall never part.

Take him into your heavenly embrace,

Bless my baby's beautiful face.

Stand by his side, day and night.

Always let everything be alright.

Be there in his life every step of the way,

Help his love for me build more every day.

If he ever decides to move on with someone new,

God, help me, for I wouldn't know what to do.

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I'll say this prayer every night forever,

I pray every night we'll always be together.

By Katiebug527


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