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Love Poems For Him
I Love Him So


Oh how I wish to describe
this feeling so deep in my heart,

A feeling of such love that runs
through my body in every part.

I loved him before
I ever saw his face or eyes,

A true love inside is what I realize.

He fills my heart with such
a passion and desire,

As I just want to feel
the depths of this flaming fire.

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I love him so much
that my heart can't help but sing,

As I hear his voice inside
is this constant ring.

He sends me over the edge
when I hear him call me HB,

Oh if only he knew exactly
what he meant to me.

How much I just want to hold him
in my arms so tight,

And be so close to him
every single night.

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I can't help but
to feel the way that I do,

When I love him so much
and I know its so true.

By Wanda Christian Stirewalt


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