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Husband Poems


My husband likes my company,

And likes to have me near,

He says I am his dearest friend,

And have been many a year.


If I venture to go near him

On some errand for myself

He asks if I would hand him

Something from the shelf.

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If I venture onto the lawn

Where he perchance is mowing,

He says would I please clear the path

Ahead, where he is going.


His yell is heard across the house,

From inside the den,

The TV control is all messed up,

Would you fix it once again.


When we start a trip he checks the oil,

And gives the tires a kick;

'Honey, do you have your glasses?,

Cause I can't read this stick.'

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I love my husband dearly,

And always think he's great,

But Lord, its plain to see

Why you called the wife 'helpmate'.


By Joyismine


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