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Happiness Poems
Happiness Rug


Let's sit up an old weaving loom,

Let's place it together in a happiness room.

Together we will thread yarns of happiness and peace,

The colors, the threads, are so rare and unique

that the rug can go on forever

- it will never cease.

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Each color is special

- each thread its own story of humor and laugh,

But without your input and reflection

s the rug would be just half.

So let's weave together

our little stories of today and of days past,

Lets weave them lovingly

in a rug that will forever last.


The rug will be a visual reminder

of all that was said and was done,

Together we can do this

Together we can have fun.

The rug can be woven during

a time of sorrow and sadness,

But the best rugs to have will contain

the many colorful threads of gladness.

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By Donald L. Heili


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