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Ode to Cupid


I do have a confession to you
It is short but whole heartedly true

Oh you young and ignorant lass,
Why did you shoot me in the ass

With that small bow you do wield
And that arrow you conceal?

Now why would you conceive
That love is i what need?

I was fine in my daily life
Now all i have is hectic strife!

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You dance around everyday
Spreading love that same known way

Flying swiftly from place to place
With this ease and flawless grace

Until you stumble upon your victim
Love be denied, them you had convicted!

Shoot them in the ass!
And hurry on fast

Go to the next unknowing ones
And let one rip into their buns!

Come on now dear winged god of love
Going around, you push and shove

Love into someones perfect world
But in your direction i hurl!

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Take this arrow out of my ass
Take away this spell that you cast

Oh cupid boy just wait and see
If i ever get a hold of thee

You are going to wish that you had another profession
And yes little boy blue of godess , that is my confession

By Tippergirl

I also wanted to add that this poem was written in good humor :) Enjoy.


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