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Cute Love Poems
My Husband


My husband is not

And great as he thinks

If he only knew

How much that he stinks

I don't know how

He put's up with himself

The deodorant's gone dusty

Up on the shelf

I don't know why

I put up with his smell

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To sleep with my husband's

Like sleeping in hell

As he rolls over

And lifts up his arm

He knocks out the neighbours

On the next farm

He thinks it's funny

As he gives a laugh

We all just wish

He'd head for the bath

No matter the time

No matter the hour

We just want him

To have a hot shower

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For Father's Day

He won't get his hope

No power tools for him

Just a packet of soap.


By Ginny


To my darling hubby Kym, who doesn't REALLY smell,
but complains I don't write any poetry about him.

Happy Father's Day, I Love You Stinky!!!


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