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Anniversary Poems For Husband
Happy Anniversary


A winding brook graces a meadow green

While in your arms I lay amongst

The rainbow of wild flowers, in gods theme

To be as one, in harmony with all

As around us, we hear the nature call

Blending the two into one

Knowing it is meant to be

Until our days are done

My heart I have given to thee

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In this garden of love,

Meant for us

And heaven sent from above

We swore our eternal vows

As the sunsets and takes its bows

Two hearts beating,

As one... With...

Never a thought of retreating

The years passed so swiftily

And now I grasp...

At the shadows deepening

If I could but be with thee

Once again in meadows greenery

Like in days of our youth

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To renew the vows

Of yesterdays truth

Before our sunset takes

It's final bows.

There to remind you, in the garden

Of love, that I would not trade

All that we have had together

You are my greatest treasury

My dear, happy anniversary


By Bonnie Ray


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